Digitized Waterways

Our sonar imaging solution takes photo-like images under water. You can see pollution, damages to underwater structures or unwanted objects or persons, eliminating the use of divers. We use sonar and lidar, image enhancement tools, Cloud-based machine learning and AI.

Assuring climate goals are met by eliminating harmful greenhouse gasses and unwanted smells

With our plasma technology we can clean air pollution without using water, chemicals or other materials. We do not simply filter out the pollution, but destroy it by converting it into usable and harmless substances. It’s also a new approach to disinfection that is completely safe to use on humans. There are different types of BlueReactors that have been successfully applied in different industries. For more information please click here.

A plasma-based lice comb

For over a decade, cold atmospheric pressure plasmas (CAP) are being investigated for their anti-bacterial properties. CAP can be operated without a pressure pump and have a constant macroscopic temperature, properties that make the CAP widely applicable. Combined with its anti-bacterial effect, the plasma is in particular interesting for the treatment of vulnerable surfaces, including human skin.