At KapiteinLabs we have a vision. We want to create truly new solutions to solve big problems and to improve existing products. To conceive our new technological concepts, we combine hands-on development with new components and concepts, and the latest academic research.

  • 01From concept to strategy and to technical design

    We work on algorithms for optimization, smart sensors that take measurements, plasma solutions that improve air quality and nano materials that improve the characteristics of plastics.
  • 02We believe in long-term partnerships

    At KapiteinLabs we believe in long-term partnerships that evolve over time, constantly offering both the best possible solutions for the short term and the next steps for further improvement. This also means we can work autonomously, operating as extended team for in-house R&D teams.
  • 03Together we transform, together we improve

    We create the strategies and concepts for technical solutions, that enable our clients to improve their products and services in new and relevant ways. Together, we transform brands into innovative leaders, giving them a competitive advantage.